Meet Embute, a 52 year old lady in Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia. She is interested in having a friend and long-term dating from this sugar mummy and singles dating site, are you the one she is looking for?

God comes first,i love nature, home animals are big part of my life as I grow up having a mini farm at home, with a big family I had such wonderful natural lifestyle childhood, still maintaining as much as I can i’m so grateful for that,

I’m confident, genuine, warm hearted woman, quite reserved which I’m not proud of it,

But I do have some nature and characters that I’m proud of it, along with my weakness, so you know I’m not perfect , I’m fit, I love my sauna, youga, I have healthy lifestyle.

I’m free of any addiction, so you better be the same as me.

I am looking for someone nice, sometimes opposite it works, but I rather stay in my own box, I feel safe, so I go with similarities of mine, first whom loves God as I do,

And genuine man, confident, who is ready to fall in love and stick with it, who dreamed of having a simple small family filled with a lot of love, it’s possible.


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