This Damsel, 33 years old South African single lady wants a man for a serious relationship. A blessed, beautiful and fun loving soul, this single lady is eager to meet her dream man, her very own knight in shining armor who would always make her feel special and loved. She resides in Johannesburg, South Africa and wants to meet a man from her country but wouldn’t mind dating a guy from neighboring countries around South Africa.

When asked to describe herself, this very beautiful single lady from South Africa says “I am a single lady, friendly, jovial with a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and during my free times, I like to watch movies most especially romantic comedy movies. I like to take life very simple. Being honest is a great virtue to me and I wish to meet with someone who is straightforward, honest and ready to commit to a loving, fruitful life.”

She goes further to tell us about the type of man she would like to meet. In her own words, she says ‘’ I am looking for a serious minded man that knows what he wants. I wish to meet someone who is not here to play games with my feelings, someone who is not out to waste my precious time.

I look forward to meeting a man that we can both share our feelings and emotions together, someone who is willing to grow in a loving relationship. I wouldn’t want a man who is always out to dish out domestic abuse in any guise, both emotionally and physically. I admire a caring and loving man who is not passive but knows how to communicate his feelings and thoughts effectively.

I am an adventurous traveler who loves spending time with family and friends, old soul music, Art & Garfunkel, gospel music, camping and good food. Been told I have a dry sense of humor and a cutting wit.

I’m looking to connect with a guy who is a practicing Christian. Please don’t message me if you are an atheist. It’s just my personal preference. The guy I would most likely click with would be one who enjoys discovering the unknown, with a thirst for new experiences and laughs more than he frowns.

I’m looking for a Christian guy who is a professional, adventurous, funny, dependable and intelligent, with an interest in world politics. A man of his word who is looking for a committed relationship.

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  1. This site is wisting our time they use to invited people to join this site for nothing when I’m seeking I have to post my SMS and my number everything here is hiding, what is that no that is not nice, join this join site join site for nothing

  2. My name is Shina Owolabi Olawale a native of Ogun state from Nigeria am interested in joining this group and I would mind if you can engage me with any one of the this s sugar mum who is caring , good looking and well calm. someone who can take me for what I am , am very simple and complex somebody , dignity and moral ,I was born without a sliver spoon ,I will be very delighted if you can accepted my request. Thanks


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